Cursed is the Refugee

By Thomas Parker

Tasavvur (Envision)

By Gözde Kurt, translated by Thomas Parker and Gözde Kurt

Leaves Fall Away

By Rahil Asif

My Forgotten Tribe

By Rahil Asif

Orient Express

By Alaz Ada


By Emily Owen

Tunnel Vision

By Paz Griot

Insanlar Hafiftir (Humans are Light)

By Rüya Yönak, translated by Thomas Parker

Homeless Love

By Yaqeen Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander


By Ahmed al-Hassan




Eşref, the Turkish Lawrence? A Conversation with Benjamin Fortna


Short Stories

The Colour White

By Anas Alnajjar

I Never Loved Him

By Erhan Sertbaş, Trs. by Pat Temiz

Just Before Midday

By Caroline Swicegood

Equality Unequalised

Othman Nahhas