Homeless Love

By Yaqeen Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander


Autumn brought you to me,

Like the whirling leaves of a maple tree


The Sun rose from my heart,

The soul’s dawn after dusk, a new start


You were my shining sun after rain

My love for you wasn’t in vain


You shared everything first with me

How easily did that love flee?


Your warm embrace I called my home

Your separation left my heart stray to roam


The winter brought a cold spell

It snatched your presence, left me unwell


You traded my heart for someone else

Listen to the voice of your soul, what it tells 


You kept going on, never looking back,

Should have spared my heart that I now lack


Spring then arrived with full bloom,

It brought me nothing but gloom


The sun doesn’t rise for me anymore

It is buried in my heart, the one you tore


Then came summer

A time to remember


Your curly tresses and eyes so deep

Those thin fingers that cuddled me to sleep


I miss my name on your lips

The way you kissed my fingertips


In everything I miss your presence

You too I hope, in some things, miss my essence



You live in everything I touch

I did my best, maybe it wasn’t much


I tried to find in others your face

In each face all I see is your trace


I shall protest by the gates of heaven

Outside the doors whose number is seven


I refuse to go beyond without my Eden

In your absence, even paradise to me is forbidden


I don’t need death and deeds to enter Paradise

In my heart I carry you, little did you realise


Some distant birds only come by and fly

They go back home, far in the sky


Our story never ended, it just stopped along the way

Not every shipwrecked gets anchored to the bay                 


Either you were the wrong person

Or it was just my heart’s coercion


Either you are late to realize

Or I was early to idolize


From known to unknown, lovers to strangers

From us to me and we to I – countless misadventures


You were the ‘Sheherzade’ who in me scattered

A thousand and one tales that you once inspired


Yaqeen Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander is from Kashmir, India. He graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia majoring in Psychology with a Theology minor. Currently, a Master’s student of Guidance & Counselling Psychology at Marmara University, he loves writing, camping, story-telling and philosophy. Working on his 3rd book now about self-help & spirituality which will be available by next year, he is also an aspiring novelist. He also runs a non-profit for Refugee Education & Youth Empowerment called ‘Inspire ME Global’. He can be reached at www.facebook.com/yaqeenulhaq or yaqeen@ymail.com