Leaves Fall Away

By Rahil Asif


With the need, walls do crumble
With the bridges, rope too scatters
Far away, the trees did mumble.
With the wheels and the matters
Do float in the cold ocean, filled with leaves,
Leaves that died with wide open sleeves!

As the sun rises, a gaze drops on the naked tree,
As the clock strikes, the leaves drop down
With the simplicity gone, I behold my monastery free
Dropped and later dressed as a clown.
Walk on the leaves, depart with the bark
Touch that horizon shining in clueless dark!

Stains are left, left to crop more
Even the green evaporates in thick air
Leaving nothing but a memory so sour
The steps far too fair
And the bridges far too long
Clinches nothing but a vision, so strong!

I hear the night, I hear the motions
Motions of our own, crying to decay,
But, nothing ends with parts and portions
They do continue, with no delay!
Hear the sound, act while you’re still calling
Hear the song of the “leaves falling”

The bark and its creation
Along with the cold roots
Leaving nothing but uttered starvation
Seldom and agree while he still executes
The uphill task is to hate and sway
Remember, “Leaves do fall Away“!


Rahil Asif is a poet, essayist and travel writer from New Delhi, India. He has professional experience as a content analyst with an Australian firm and is also a post-graduate in English literature. He has been penning poetry, which talks about realization, for more than 5 years under the concept of “the 21st hour”. Both the published poems fall under “The 21st Hour” Concept. Follow me at www.the21sthour.com