For all submissions or queries please feel free to get in touch with us at bosphorusreview at gmail. com. 

The Bosphorus Review of Books is a predominantly English-language journal focused on cross-cultural arts exchange and providing literary works and commentary for Turkey and the world, locals and emigres, but most importantly lovers of literature.


We publish bi-monthly and accept submissions on a rolling basis via bosphorusreview @ gmail . com.


We hope to give emerging authors and poets an online space to publish and we provide feedback and editorial assistance for every submission. By giving the region a literary outlet in English, we hope to connect to the broader global literary community. We find it essential to raise awareness of the diversity of Istanbul and to locally build a multi-lingual literary community.


In order to achieve this, translated works are presented in both English and their original language. Our poetry editor, Liam Murray, is sometimes available to translate flash fiction and poetry from Turkish to English, but if you can find someone and work on your own translations before submission, that would be a safer bet. We also accept submissions of existing translations from any language of original work.


BRB accepts fictional works in English of up to 10,000 words; poetry submissions can be in any language so long as they are accompanied by a translation; non-fiction works including reviews, interviews, memoirs, and other creative non-fiction; and works in translation. If your creative genre is not encompassed by this list, as an eclectic and flexible journal, we are open to new ideas.


Our fiction editor gives preference to works with a strong narrative and is interested in expanding the variety of work published on the site. From pulp fiction to high-brow literature, anything goes. We understand that writing is a courageous act and we want you to share your work with us.


Our poetry editor seeks work that evokes fundamental truths and act as a microcosm of larger phenomenon, but failing that, there is also something to be said for the fun, lighter side of life and experience. Each month, we tend to gravitate towards a certain mood or theme in accordance with the submissions we receive. We will let you know when a poem has been selected before the time comes to publish, so feel free to send it elsewhere in the meantime.  

In our non-fiction section, we are flexible about the content. Creative non-fiction works can defy classification or can verge on literary scholarship, while our “Why you should Read” column is devoted to expanding an appreciation for literature. If you have a book or a writer that you think people should read more of, write to us! Tell us why. 


Submissions should be sent as word document attachments and should not be sent as pdfs or written within the body of the email. 


Submit via bosphorusreview @ gmail. com. Follow us on Facebook: @bosphorusreview.


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