The Irfanophobic Verses

By Liam Murray


By Eleonora Masi

How Freedom Feels

By Paz Paulsen-Sacks

Send Me to Femenye

By Ron Edward Masikip Ingalla


Stephanie Yost

Bast & Anubis

Stephanie Yost

Nothing Remains But the Thorn

By Thomas Parker

تداويت من ليلى (I Was Cured of Layla)

By Qais ibn Al-Mullawah 'Majnoon', translated by Thomas Parker

Short fiction

Encounter with Mr. Ape

By Anas Alnajjar


By Pinar Tarhan

From the Underground with Love

By Luke Frostick 

The Horse Ballad

By Anna Rogava 

Creative Non-fiction


By Birgit Metzler

A Maqawim of Adhamiya

By Taher Raad



Turkey's Agent

A conversation with Nermin Mollaoğlu about Turkish literature and the work of an International Literary agency. 

Making It Up As He Goes Along

A conversation with Kenny Laurie about improv theatre and sketch comedy. 

Notes From The Editors

Why You Should Read

Why You Should Read Alice Munro

By Merve Pehlivan

Why You Should Read Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar

By Luke Frostick

Why You Should Read Orwell

By Luke Frostick