Encounter With Mr. Ape



I'm an ape. I live under a beautiful tall green tree. I lie there all day and watch candy-floss clouds fly above. I'm an ape. My language is simple, and I simply live by the pure law of the jungle, for the jungle is purer than your filthy cities. I live in a place clean of all toxins, pollutions and politicians; a place where wolves eat sheep at lunch, dinner... and perhaps even at breakfast if they please. But wearing sheep's clothes, that, they never do. Here: tigers, lions and even hyenas wear their true faces day and night. Here in my jungle, we have no masks, and we know no treachery. 

I'm an ape. I eat bananas or green leaves if I so choose. I live under the tallest tree and I call myself 'the king of the jungle'. If you dare to disagree, come and face me under my tree. We will settle our disagreement in a fight to the death. Laugh not! For I mean what I say. I’ll kill you with a rock, or with a bite to the neck, for I AM the king of the jungle, and no one dares to say otherwise. Believe in what I say, for I'm an ape, an animal… killing is something we do every day, and it is no sin nor crime, no, not by our law. Sins are beneath us -others may say ‘they're beyond us,’ either way; they do not exist in our dictionaries, and you can't find them in our lexicons… so don't even bother searching for them in our dialogs. No sir, I tell you, sin is not part of our clothes and skin. Judges and juries have no business in our land. Even your contradictions which you suffer from each day, are all behind us. There is no evil nor good. There is only purity. We kill when we need to, and fornicate when we want to. We are absolute freedom in total oblivion of knowledge.

I'm an ape, and I fear no death, for I know not what it means. All I know is that it is a long night’s sleep. I do not waste my time pursuing the illusion of individuality or originality. I'm just an ape! I know that. An ape exactly like the millions of apes that came before me, amongst me, and the zillions of others yet to come. I'm an ape... I'm the king of the jungle living by its pure law. If you dare to disagree, come by my tree; the tallest tree in the jungle. Then and there we will see. ah aah OH OH A A A OH OH AAAA AAAA.


By Anas Alnajjar


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