Seven Deadly Sins

By Aakash Dharma


Fake wings

And pale white robes

I miss the hell we call home


You are my vanity

Your eyes tell me I am magic

Your touch tells me I am God

Your lips tell me I am nothing,

Nothing but magnificent stardust.


You are my greed

Every gaze is insufficient

Every touch is incomplete

Every kiss is the start of

Another infinite loop of desire


You are my sloth

In your sweet scent lies my peace

In your warm embrace my home

In your body I get lost in the maze

Of clarity - I never want to leave


You are my wrath

My stomach's in a twist

My voice louder than thunder

My body splits in half

As you let my demons run free


You are my gluttony

Every inch of cloth on your body

Every mile of road between you and I

Every bit of reason cannot hold me back

From devouring the feast of your love.


You are my envy

Only my lips will taste your flavor

Only my touch will make you tremble

Only silver if you have to offer

It's the gold, I would fight for.


You are my lust

Let me enjoy the orbs of heaven

Let me eat the fruit of the Gods

Let me enter this sweaty carnival of sex

I am a savage at your blessed gates.


Insincere smiles

And drunken niceties

I miss the hell we call home

I want you and our seven deadly sins.



Aakash Dharma is an amateur poet, actor and photographer and has been trying his luck with the guitar for a few months. Owing to his keen interest in psychology, he aims to seek and understand the beauty on both sides of the coin. His poetry, as a result, is often an assemblage of oxymorons highlighting the contradictory nature of our being and the world we live in.