Lindon Krasniqi


I swear I saw it somewhere around here.

I get up from the bed,

cigarette smoke rising like a halo.

(something beautiful and dead)

The steep windows,

the summer rain-

I search through every corner of the apartment.


I swear,

the sky folded up somewhere in these sheets.

Somewhere between

your skin

and my skin

and everything growing in between.


I swear,

the stars scattered all over the kitchen floor,

a comet fell behind the shower curtain,

gravity went down the drain,

and I

curled up

next to you.


Like a spiral galaxy,

limbs entwined,








Lindon Krasniqi was born and raised in Prishtina, Kosova. He is studying Psychology and Gender Studies in Istanbul, and mainly writes poetry. You can catch him doing slam poetry in Prishtina and Istanbul, and regularly posting on his blog at