I’m Sick of Being Blue

I will, I swear I’ll make it through                                 

I swear one day the future’ll be the past                      

Because I‘m damn sick of being blue.


I’m sick of everything I do reminding me of you         

Time sews all scars, but still my heart’s gashed         

But I will, I swear I’ll make it through.


I’m sick of darkness being the world’s dominant hue  

of holding fast to the mast, hoping for refuge at long last

Because I’m damn sick of being blue.                        


I used to look at you and see my reflection in you

The mirror became smudged. Now it reflects but the past                                                                             

But we will, I swear me and you’ll make it through. 


I'm sick of daydreaming our next rendezvous

Of the Present being but a precinct for the past

Because I'm damn sick of being blue.


If love kills and revives in turn, I'm ready to rise anew

Out of our love's fire now naught but ashes of the past.

Because I know now I will make it through

But I'm god-damn sick of being blue. 


By Thomas Parker


Thomas Parker is a Muslim-American poet, writer and translator from Texas. He writes his own poetry in English as well as translating from Turkish and Arabic. He is the co-founder and poetry editor for the Bosphorus Review of Books and is currently at work on a debut novel.