A lonely house,

A lonely cat.

Master’s asleep.

Master’s dead.

A lover cries at night;

Who’s done it?

Who has won the fight?

Restless sirens

And children’s prayers

Kept going

As the lover’s tears.

Traces of his loves

Past and present,

Leaks and climbs up to her presence.

Cat lays on the rock floor.

So does the mistress.

They both cry;

Master’s gone now,

Gone for years.

With empty chest and empty eyes,

He fed our fears.

We should have cut the cord.

Instead, we carried him on

With our tears.


By Gizem Gözde Uçar 

Gizem graduated from Koç University with a double major, she writes, translates, illustrates, draws, tells stories, teaches and tutors. She also volunteers in TEGV and has a workshop there called “Fairy Tale Workshop.” She has two cats and imaginary friends. She can be found on instagram here