Zombie Movie Script

by Joe Stickers


Zombie Matilda is like reg-

ular Matilda (whoever that

is) but only she is a zombie.


Zombie Stanley is like a regu-

lar Stanley (whatever that m-

eans) but only he eats human


flesh. Zombie parent would be

like my usual father only he w-

ould be oozy and have the usu-


al Zombie attributes, you get th-

e picture. Zombie photocopy

guy would show up too (act 1)


when I needed photocopies an-

d also have the usual air of (over)

self-importance bu-


t of course, he would be a z-

ombie. Zombie Louis would hav-

e a shy yet tedious affection


for Zombie Alice that would go

on for a bit too long, you know, b-

ut whatever it means, (we will


see) they will both have an insat-

iable craving for human flesh, so-

mething that will definitely NOT


be accepted in this otherwise rela-

tively liberal society. Zombie cows

and horses (as well as other farm


animals not listed) will exist, in u-

ndead fashion, though because of

production costs will not really ma-


ke an appearance. Zombie Jean wi-

ll show up as a manager at Mc-

donalds (still there after all these

years) but will be a zombie de-


spite having overcome some of her

remarkably strange anger issues. Zo-

mbie Ted will still be a bit of a drunk, tho-


ugh he will be undead; he will often be

too drunk to remember to eat. Zombie Uncle

Rob will still be a bit of a racist, which ma-


y be a bit worse than being a zombie (to be

explored). Zombie Catholicism will continue o-

n in the background, (has it come to ter-


ms with eating flesh? Nevermind! Who care

s) though a lot of the world will h-

ave moved on from the 20th century


concept of religion in general. Zomb-

ie Rasta man will smoke lots of weed out

flesh bongs, wait too trope-y, ignore. Zo-


mbie shoes will be like normal shoes o-

nly worn by zombies. Zombie hats – see

zombie shoes. Zombie dogs;




Joe Vickers was born in the US, studied English and writing in Wisconsin and has lived in other countries since. After many years in Istanbul, he moved to Berlin, where he currently lives with his wife.