Your Eclipsed words

Junaid Ashraf

That breath floats to me

Like a sweet summer breeze

To bring a loo of feelings

From that earthly garden of heaven

Under the starry sky, as I eat

with sleeping taste buds

I crave for your ears

To chew my lonely thoughts

Your eclipsed words would shine like moon

To lighten my dark paths

And brutally amputate the limbs

Of my dark soul!

Loo: the hot summer breeze in India


When you passed by on that day

Gleam of your istanbul eyes

Is beautiful like a sunrise

In the dark and in the noon

You are beautiful like a moon

You glow in that facebook pic

Like a flame on a candle wick

As you shine there like a pearl

Seeing you girl, emotions whirl

When you passed by on that day

Sunflowers turned your way

It was jealous sun’s eyesore

As those flowers loved you more

Butterflies to each other said

, “Oh leave these flowers dead

Wish to bath in fragrance here

There is walking, a flower there”

My poems, girl, make you shy

Blushing then you tell me bye


Unsaid words will make me die

Why I ask this torture why


Junaid Ashraf is a student from Kashmir. He has done his post-graduate

studies in economics. He is currently pursuing his masters in English literature. He has

written opinion pieces, fiction and poetry for various newspapers and literary magazines.

Research, writing poetry and fiction are his main interests. Besides that, he is a sports

enthusiast and likes playing football, cricket and skiing. Political activism is his passion.