Without a Subject Human

 By Çağla Bölek

the remedy moves lightly

-a weightless green brown town

challenging the mud;

accumulated accustomed or accused.


urge the spread all the twigs

on the frequency it holds dear

(with no element)

-transcending organicity


singing lullabies within a crimson bed

irrigating physically now and then

(it’s raining nowadays)

disguising sacred spring in gestures

with the beingness it spreads

through the dance


where the remedy knows deeply

even the heaviest clouds can get thirsty


Çağla was born and based in Istanbul, from where she produces creative work in painting, photography, poetry and art writing while organizing arts events and studying English Literature and Art Management at Yeditepe University. Her first group exhibition, "Creased or Cramped; an Experimentation in Interplanetary Poetry" took place in June 2018 at KargART. She publishes art-related articles at Yabangee.com and produces visual and performance poetry examining the moments in which reality bends and where our authenticity occurs. She defends our playful divinity.