Whispered Song

By Dilara Karabey

 "You see him, too? Owner of the blue shadow on the ground. He's merely gazing at us now with doubt in his hands and fire in his eyes. He carries storms behind his shoulders despite his fragile wooden legs. He's merely gazing, gaining his power back in the shadows and hiding behind the curtains, like a predator, observing his prey from the ceiling when they dare not look up. With his days countless, he waited for that one moment to hunt, yet the moment was not to come. Then he waited a few decades more. Upon the arrival of his moment, there he was, gazing at his prey with doubt in his hands and fire in his eyes carrying storms made of tears behind his shoulders. Then he ran across the hall, setting himself free of his legs of decay, his wings of clouds touched the ceiling and all there was now, was just fire."

Tale of the nighttime fairy, it is. Not all fairytales are served with cotton candy.  Not all fairies bring light. Some bring dark shadows from the lands of curtains into our rooms to hide behind. Ever dared closing your eyes as water flows through the curves of your body? Ever checked the ceiling not trusting you ensuring yourself that there's nothing there? Then follows a cold breath of his spirit taken away by the smell of fear we all wear. Open your eyes of despair and you will see nothing, not that he fears the colours we see, but he likes wearing the ones we can't for his mischiefs' sake. Now fill tears in your eyes with hope and let them fall through your cheeks Because the tale begins nowhere, and you'll seek an end never to be found. The one who feeds souls of fire and burns souls of water has never been and will never be. He won't let you see him, no, but you will smell him with his scent of soil after the rain and you will feel his touch in that cool breeze on a summer's day. You are your only friend once he lets you catch him gazing right upon your soul.