The Three Flights of a Love Less-Used

By Liam Murray, illustrated by Ruby Moore

Ruby Moore Sofia

Natural body forces babe, we’ve got them by the bucket,

Love’s an astrally projecting inter-planetary rocket,

We’ve got tall tails and circle like two orbitary commets

No-one said we’d take to flight, but Lord, I think we’ve got it


Like gravity, it was all a lie

The moon, a hole upon the sky

The Earth a flat

The Sun a sharp

Pluto, a major planet


Unaccounted solar systems seem to offer nothing

But exploring new forms of life was never our short-coming.

The dark side of the Earth still prays that moon-men land upon it.

The bright side of the universe is calling, so we’re on it

We then launch into a shadow puppet display

To audiences here and the depths of outer space


Our well-rehearsed, rib-tickling send-up

Has turned the moon into a great, big orbiting donut,

Making the juvenile stars snigger with glee,

As the waves lap with tears upon the shore.


Morosely, our lunar friend rises to the stage,

In a solemn satire of a naked Sun shorn of all its rays.


Doubtless, he’ll see the bright side.

But the Earth is busy riling,

As the wind draws the curtain,

And we depart the theatre with grace


 We are here

No transmissions

And no sound contact

Could be want of our will, if only


Just calculations

And no communication

With base.


It started with a light


But look at us now.

Painfully still,

In the darkest phase of our flight.



Liam Murray is a translator, editor and haunter of coffee shops who is happy as long as he doesn't have to leave the Beyoğlu district for too long.

Ruby Moore is an artist who lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2014, she founded Creatives-Sofia, an international creative collective and is co-founder of Artist Tree Sofia, a community art studio creating work in the city.