The Golden Wings

By Yaqeen Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander


A bird that learnt to fly just not so high

Avoiding the dangers of unexplored sky


She was told she is no more 

Than all others who are afraid to soar


But she was different from rest of the lot

It was pure freedom that she sought


She longed to make it to the pinnacle

And wondered of rising through a miracle


She wanted the endless vastness of the sky

Nobody believed in her, told her you will die


There was just one who once made that flight 

He never came back and disappeared from sight


Breaking the shackles one day to spread her wings

She left to hear the melody that nature sings


She made the flight but lost her way 

She took a fall and broke her wings that day


She couldn't fly home so made a choice 

Downed at a new place just to rejoice


To her surprise, she found her alike

Another recluse bird, living in dislike


He found her lying down, injured and weary

Even though broken but no less than a fairy



He remembered his own old journey of exile

In her he saw his own reflection with a smile


Her fiery wings now felt fragile and cold

He fixed them gently with lacquered gold


With her unprecedented beauty, he fell in love

Counting her as a blessing, descending from above


He tried keeping her heart for himself in a jar

Forgetting travellers don't stay, they only go far


Her feathers were too bright to be caged

He couldn't contain the battle that inside him raged


Feeling the guilt, he set her free

Letting her continue the flying spree


She had to be light to go higher & further

To make a flight like there is no other


The day came and she took her chance

He stood there gazing, just for a glance


She didn't look back, neither did he move on

They say every dark night is followed by a dawn


He still awaits her return patiently on ground

She lives in the stars above that surround 


She belongs to Galaxies and the Universe 

Keeping her for one would be a curse


He knows she is somewhere happy out there

He just smiles and asks the heavens to take her care


The place now surely is drab without her presence

Even though everything sings of her essence


Everything beautiful in life, forever cannot be kept

Walking alone by the shore, he silently wept…



Yaqeen Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander is from Kashmir, India. He graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia majoring in Psychology with a Theology minor. Currently, a Master’s student of Guidance & Counselling Psychology at Marmara University, he loves writing, camping, story-telling and philosophy. Working on his 3rd book now about self-help & spirituality which will be available by next year, he is also an aspiring novelist. He also runs a non-profit for Refugee Education & Youth Empowerment called ‘Inspire ME Global’. He can be reached at or