Siren Says

By Lydia Beardmore


“I can tell you’re in London, love

by those sirens I hear from your window.”


My friend, I find them as easy to sleep through

as prayers,

and every time we talk on the phone

you mention it


your life, no city

not punctuated by emergency

and questions you don’t ask

shaped sounds


when I stay up all night

for whatever reason - waiting for light


I can hear them slow down

almost stop

then bottles

shuffled footsteps,

angry lost souls


then calm


nothing not a pin drop, calm fog


then birds - just a couple and

not for long

a few beeps from the green man

then it starts again


people start to get hurt again.



Lydia Beardmore is writer and photographer currently based in London where she studies Anthropology of Travel, Tourism and Pilgrimage at SOAS. She lived in Istanbul for a number of years and considers it her true home. She has written for a variety of publications including ReOrient, Time Out Istanbul and Little White Lies and hosts spoken word events and creative writing workshops across Europe. She also runs a female focused travel writing blog which can be found at