September Ontology

Mark A. Murphy



Now we see the post-breeding sparrows as notes

in a musical score, perching

upon the telephone wires into town

before embarking

on their long-distance migration into Africa.

We admire them in their thousands

flocking south peaceably through Semptember skies

with the overture

of an Indian summer ahead of us.


So the young composer is left to transpose

the birds positions

upon the stave - into hope

for humanity's autumnal score.

Who will perish in the late heat-wave?

No one rightly knows,

except the swallows on the wing,

passing, as they do,

the war games of man, in their journeying

            over land and sea.




Mark A. Murphy’s first full length collection, Night-watch Man & Muse was published
in 2013 by Salmon Poetry, Eire.  His next full collection,
Night Wanders Plea is to be published by Waterloo press in December 2017. His poems have appeared in over 175 journals worldwide.