Business as Usual

By Bernard Robinson

I have come to pick up the documents. 
Please take a seat. 
The people from the reception will be with you in a minute. 
Please come this way. 
We have a special room for special purposes. 
Put your glasses on the table.
You will not need them anymore. 
It is unfortunate that you will not be able to say goodbye to your fiancée. Urgent matters of State, I'm sure she will understand. 
So, let us begin. 
Piece by piece. It makes transportation that much easier.
Goodbye and welcome to the consulate of Saudi Arabia. 


Born of Irish mother and English father in Middlesbrough 1944. Law degree at UCL and my Masters (signed by Ronald Reagan!) at the Law School in Berkeley, California. I worked in adult education in the Netherlands in residential centres and prisons. My Turkish wife and I created Orient Express, a residential educational centre for Turks and other minorities. We have 4 children together. I have been writing poetry off and on over many years (English plus a little Dutch) with a little bit of painting on the side. Until retirement I was university lecturer in the north of Holland