We are very sorry to say that our long suffering Non-fiction editor Erica is leaving the Bosphorus Review team. We are going to miss her a lot. Her hard work has pushed the review forward into what it is today. She was a invaluable editor whose articles and interviews are among the best we have published. She has tightened the screws of the review behind the scenes and taught me a lot about the art of editing. My head still hurts from the amount of times I’ve been metaphorically clouted round the head by the Chicago Manuel of Style. Going forward I hope that she continues to write for us and that her articles and interviews continue to appear on the BROB.  In the short term at least I will be taking over the Non-fiction section of the magazine so prepare for a whole lot more articles about fantasy and comic books!

We have another great edition of the review for you all and for anybody suffering from post-election blues with some really good fiction by an interesting cross-section of writers dealing with a everything from Dogs in Istanbul to Tantric sex. 

In may this year the Bosphorus Review with the Istanbul Literature Festival put on a panel of translators some of the best working in the business. I was honoured to host them. For all of you who where unable to make it on the night not to worry the transcript is available in this months edition of the magazine. 

This months cover art is by Othman Nahhas. He is a regular contributor to the BROB and it turns out has other skills beyond writing. 

Happy pride.