Luke Frostick


It’s been a busy two months at the Bosphorus Review. As a result, I have an announcement to make. Over the last year, we have been working on an anthology of Bosphorus Review containing poetry, non-fiction and stories that we published back in 2017. The book will be called The Two Currents. It is a reference to the two currents that run in the Bosphorus and the nature of the Bosphorus review, which’s aim (in broad strokes) is to encourage the exchange between Turkish and world Literature. It also refers to what I think is the most exciting part of this anthology; the fact that all the poetry, articles and stories will have the Turkish translations side-by-side. It is fantastic that some of the amazing writers and poets that have made the Bosphorus Review of Books will get to see their work on the shelves. I was personally very excited to see my own work in another language for the first time.

When Thomas and I founded the review I don’t think we knew what we were getting in for. In fact, I knew basically nothing. It turns out I knew equally little about publishing. Thus, it has been a far longer road than I expected. It is still not completely finished, but I am hopping to have it out soon. I’m sure I will be writing more about it in the near future and will be dropping more details about it on the old facebook page. 

Keep your eyes out on the social medias because I’m almost certainly going to be spamming ‘buy our book!’ posts in the next few months. 

For now however enjoy this edition of the Bosphorus Review of Books.