I Allow You To Penetrate my Cold Heart with Your Golden Horn, Istanbul

By Dora Šustić

Lumpy Bumpy Dolmuş Drive

By Dora Šustić

Simurgh (Phoenix)

By Gözde Kurt, translated by Thomas Parker and Gözde Kurt

Opposing Movements

By Sergio Ortiz


By Brandon Marlon

Night of Nights

By Brandon Marlon

Siren Says

By Lydia Beardmore

I'm Still Here

By Paz Griot

The Golden Wings

By Yaqeen Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander

Gece (Night)

By Ahmet Haşim, translated by Donny Smith


Bosphorus Night  

Excerpt from the new espionage novel The Bosphorus, By Bruce Colbert


By Faḍīlah al-Shābbī, translated by Gretchen Head

Postbox Loneliness

By T. Ecem Tosun, translated by Erica Eller


By Deniz Keleş

Notes From the Editors