Summer is Coming



Summer is coming

and the day will be hot, burning and filled with terrors.


It's 55 degrees in Rajistan.

The cattle collapse on themselves

while the desert wind blows the dust 

and the young to the crowded stinking city.


It’s been a dry spring in Canada.

And the forests blaze like torches in the night;

the rivers of the East Coast run dry;

the crops whither and the lakes are cracked expanse of mud.


Summer is coming 

and it brings death in its grip.


The coral reefs bleach the colour of cow bone. 

The fish have nowhere to go; 

the oceans crowd with jellyfish and plastic 

that ride the warm acidic currents of the future. 


No tears for long starved white bears 

when warm unseasonal rains wash away the detritus of our towns.

Men prime their guns;

the hungry seek a land that no longer lives.


Summer is coming 

and the night will be an oven to the poor.


The ice sheet melt and collapse into the all eroding ocean.

The tidal waves will raze our frail homes.

January, February, March, April; 

each Month the hottest ever known


Summer is coming

and the scorching sun knows no mercy.  


By Rowan S Johnson

Rowan Sylva is a New Zealand based debut Author and activist. Born in 1986, Rowan spent several years drifting between different jobs and places. He studied history at Victoria University of Wellington and then went on to complete a Master of Creative Writing at Auckland University of technology. He enjoys exploring remote corners of the world and observing the maelstrom of its great cities. 

His debut novel, Swamp Gum is available in hard copy from Amazon with an ebook scheduled to be released at the end of january.