Melting Hearts Seeking Solace

By Yaqeen Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander



You took life as a joyful adventure

It honoured you as a wandering traveller


You journeyed far across land and seas

Ending up as a stranger to your own soil


A thousand places you went to roam

Countless destinations you mistook as home


You forgot the firmness of your roots

Branched out plenty, but didn’t stand firm


You lived a lot of love stories to tell back home

Alas! None except you comprehend them well


Toiling heavy burdens, you felt lost and weary

Desperate to seek refuge in any shelter cozy


And then there was her who you gave your heart to heal

Eventually left with no choice but to leave


That sacred heart you called your home

Not knowing its insatiable desire for the unknown


Upon that heart all your hopes you pinned

Forgetting it’s too weak to carry them


Lamenting at the compromised trust

You became cynical and aghast


Robbed of your goodness and faith

You feel broken and betrayed


Let not your value be defined by those

Who cannot tell diamonds from rocks


Forever, you shall live in the hearts of

Both those who loved and wronged you


Remember in a far land, the one for you awaits your arrival

Empty-handed and ashamed, you retract your steps


You have broken your vows endless times

In the court of hearts, broken ones are always welcome


Those fallen hearts melt at the touch of love

Broken parts once again making a whole


Don’t ever despair the caravan of love

This journey starts & ends at the centre of hearts


Love of the destination reigns over

The undertaken torments of journey


Fear not for there is still much good left in you

Sow those seeds to reap the fruits of love


There is a language that doesn’t use words

There is a breeze that touches without being heard


There is a heart that embraces boundlessly

There is a soul that loves unconditionally


So listen to the blessed silence of Canan

There lies the key to the treasures of the Universe


*Canan - Beloved


About Me:

Recluse while Writing, Euphoric while Adventuring. Gentleman on the Streets, Criminal between the Sheets (paper, of course). Learning Turkish, Writing English, Reading Rumi, Thinking Philosophy, Listening to my Inner-call & Speaking my Heart. Hopeless Romantic, Wandering Traveller, Urban Monk, Lumbersexual. Always confused Rats with Mice. 

So, what do I do? Whatever it takes!

Well, other than the above rant, I am a Counselling Psychologist living in Istanbul, Turkey. I was born and raised in Kashmir, India. Graduating from the International Islamic University Malaysia majoring in Psychology with a Theology minor, fate brought me to the straits of Bosphorus. I run a non-profit for Refugee Education & Youth Empowerment called ‘Inspire ME Global’ in India and whenever life is too much, I pack my rucksack and go camping in the lap of nature to tell stories that life taught me over time.


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