Lumpy Bumpy Dolmuş Drive

By Dora Šustić



The city is endless

Driving in a dolmuş, too much grass

Two histories clashing on a bridge above peaceful vastness

Wonder how many people decide to jump standing between continents

Torn apart by demons of consciousness

Stoned clubbing was a success, extra gin tonic unnecessary mess

In the laughter of a best friend one recognizes the tonality of one's own past

Colors are melting into stardust

Occasionally the wind interferes with the trajectory of the driver

When I die in a car accident I hope it’s gonna be on a bridge

Heart stopped between two things forever in the middle

I wish someone can fix the riddle

Why we build bridges between us when we could just cross once and for all and settle in each other

The driver is curious about our nationality

Da hints to Russian, blonde hair Germany

The city is wild and words are spoken freely

Among women peeping through balconies of the same building

Chatting between floors borrowing ingredients to each other through buckets hanging loosely

Words are suffix shaped loud and proud

The strength of words resembles the courage of their touch

Everyone smokes on the streets everyone shares the same cloud

The city is endless

Distances between quarters friendless

In the city where sadness is avowed

People are selfless

The city is endless




Born in Rijeka, Croatia, Dora Šustić (1991) obtained her BA in political studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2012, she moved to Prague, where she currently studies screenwriting for a MA degree at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU). Her poems, fiction and non-fiction have been published in several international journals (GUTS Magazine, Hourglass Literary Magazine, Modna, Magazine for Art and Feminism etc.). She wrote and directed several short films and is currently writing her first feature screenplay, Virgins of Pomegranates.