Something Untitled

By Büşra Marşan


He kisses me only after dark

when he is really drunk.

In daylight, he's an ice cold professional

no feelings at all, our thing is occasional.


We share casual moments where only we exist

The world stops spinning, we chat about the traffic.

Farewells tend to bring our lips together

such accidents happen, we're cool about it.




A spartan born in 1996, she studies translation in Boğaziçi University. She has lived in London and various cities of Turkey and currently resides in İstanbul. She’s been writing for ages in both Turkish and English but only recently gathered the courage to publish her work. Her favourite authors include Salman Rushdie, Marcel Proust, Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut and John Keats. She likes carbs, her cats, and well-written literature equally. She is proud of her début in The Bosphorus Review and dreams of making it to The New Yorker one day.