Inside Your Song

By Paz Paulson-Sacks


We tell stories in the dark,

read poems to the stars

as guitars chant from minarets.


The city has surrendered.

The cars have melted.

These streets strip naked

inside your song.


I love

the wind in our clothes,

the loss of gravity

as our foreheads touch

and our fingers find refuge,

our talisman

beneath the street lights.


And I let myself


for the first time

since innocence

inside your song.


Write yourself

inside my voice.

Inscribe your incantation

to this concrete skin.

You’re so beautiful

beneath ravaged flags.

Your star-spangled body

burns the trauma within.


Another paradise

to discover

inside your song.



Paz Griot is a spoken word poet, visual artist, actor, playwright, and performer originally from New York City. He now lives in Istanbul. He has written and published several poems, performed in countless plays and open mic events, written seven plays and exhibited his paintings, collages, and sculptures in six gallery shows in New York. He is currently writing his eighth play, and is launching a Zen meditation group.