Emoticons and Pros

By Najat Sghyar


I don't write,

I don't post,                 

Don't blog                

Don't even start

So I never do end.


I don't publish

I don't share.

Nothing to accomplish

Neither, do I dare

To leave any comment.


Sometimes I send


More often I resent




By constantly


And erasing,

Typing and erasing.


Never shutting down

Always shutting up.

My e-life sucks

Cause I can't go offline

I don't write.


I don't like

I just stare

In full spleen

At every single shitty, cool fine

Thing that others tag on my screen ;

There is no timeline

But mine.


I don't write

I read.

Time for some chit chat !

Let's mix fonts

And munch on feeds.


No my caps are never locked

Away from keyboard ..

Always coming close

Coming to esthetic typos.


So I daydream in virtual blur

of good old smileys:

That naughty yellow face

On MSN messenger

Laughing silent hi hi hi's


Or the classic semicolon

resting on its side

With a bracket for a smile

Half asleep

winking deep

Minimal style

Of sarcasm quizz.


I didn't write shit ...

I write but I don't

I read when I shon't

I get lost in multiple tabs

Get lost ...


OK !


I write

in rhyme

on an open ... office ?

Don't you dare save this!

Your silly solo chatroom,

For what? For whom?


I get paranoid trips

Of foreign spies

Hacking my truth,

Websters in disguise

Inside my bluetooth


The biggest scam!

Compiling personal anthem

For some conspirary algorithm

Stalking through my webcam


I can't write

I can not.

I play safe mode

My faith uncut

Never doubt what

Google said

Whatever the buzz spread


From where shall I exit

This lonely life

of mine




Whom should I bribe

To finally unsubscribe

This line of mine

Where everyone's a prophet

Who the hell am I

To be followed ?



Now I'm gonna write

Refresh what's within

Time to restart

To empty my bin


Sign in

Don't even think

Of logging out

Leave the editing

As a sober drink

No time for printing

No track to be playing

Come on! Don't check your email

Get back on the trail!



No fail

Smash those keys

But don't you hit escape

Ain't no space

For wrong entries


Ain't no time

for loading down

For lagging





Goofing around.

Come back !

From your aimless walks

Into the darkest webstreets

Clogged in blogs and vlogs


in filigran

Of snapshit

and vine.

Now! is your deadline



Aren't I ?



Born and raised in Casablanca, Morroco, Najat studied corporate law in France and worked as a journalist in her hometown before moving to Istanbul in 2014 to focus on writing. Fluent in six languages, she writes short stories in darija- the Moroccan dialect-, poetry in English and Arabic and is currently working on a novel in French. She is a founder member of the Istanbul writing club Yirmi Yedi.