Display Case

By Andrew Bell


Predatory lending of ego reassurance

Proselytizing contaminated water

fluoride for the teeth of our mind

we drink its essence

everyday when we wake up, and every night before we go to bed.

Partners in the firm of Buy, Use and Discard

Focus-grouped proliferation of the newest and best

Discreet window-shopped glances and temporary cravings.

Phantom Limb Syndrome.

The subjugation of discomfort brought to you by the fine folks

at Anaesthesia Incorporated.  

The caloric consumption of a tapeworm swimming in a melting tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream

We sit waiting for the movie to begin, but are met only with an endless string of previews.

The main event taking place behind secret, closed doors.

Out in the woods, the owls kill mice and lick lollipops

And old men with long white beards make organic popcorn in big organic iron skillets over big organic carbon fires

Certified, Approved, Best-Selling, #1, All-Natural, Bonafide

Plastic cutlery, metal detectors

Seismic indicators of subterranean synesthesia

The buried revelation of a collective consciousness

The forgotten awe of a child

The unobserved beauty of a rainy sunset

The unearthed stench of rotting contemplation

Dissociative Technocracy Disorder diagnosed and prescribed a twice-daily dose of screen time, co-pay payable with bitcoin.

Drive-Thru pharmacies selling synthesized versions of the plants we’ve forgotten about

Our gardens neglected and full of weeds

Rotten Tomatoes

A highly rated film, this one—shining reviews, a must-see!

A brilliant interpretation of a timeless classic!

Dim the lights

Roll credits