Big Heart Mountain Poems

By Iljas Baker


For as long as I can remember
I performed the obligatory prayers
and observed the fasts
I never missed the sacred exercises
Yet, I remained unfulfilled
When I set up home on Big Heart Mountain
I let go of the self and its secret ambitions
to follow Nature’s Way
Now when they ask: “How are you?”
I reply: ”When the sun comes up, the dew disappears”



When I lived in the town
I was forever rummaging in my past
old loves 
old lives 
old losses
No wonder progress was slow
Now I am on Big Heart Mountain
with cool bright air
and surrounded by nature
When people ask me
"Who are you?"
I tell them with a smile
"I am a Son of the Moment"



The townsfolk chatter about the End of Time
It keeps them occupied when work is scarce
Here on Big Heart Mountain God is Time
No beginning
No end



I remember when people
stayed at home
Now that the rulers are corrupt and cruel
everyone is on the move
They’re welcome to come to Big Heart Mountain
There’s always wood to collect
Simple food
And time to develop an aware spirit


Iljas Baker was born in Scotland and is a graduate of the universities of Strathclyde, Aberdeen and Edinburgh. He now lives in Nonthaburi, Thailand and teaches at Mahidol University International College in the Division of Social Science. He writes poems, essays and book reviews usually on Islamic themes.