By Daniel ‘Abdal-Hayy Moore


A brave and ruined man
became a sudden flying bird
whose wingspread spanned the

 He closed his eyes in a crowded 
room and a chorus of voices
trembled through his fluttering
voice that drew water from
invisible wells and spun
honey from invisible hives

 Salaams from a shore
beyond water and an ocean
beyond waves

 A sky leans down and takes 
us up by our hands to draw us



Daniel 'Abdal-Hayy Moore’s poem, from the poetry collection He Comes Running, was contributed by Medina Whiteman, head of social media for www.ecstaticxchange.com. ‘Abdal-Hayy Moore was an American Beat/Sufi poet who won several Nazim Hikmet Awards, an American Book Award, and was voted one of the 150 most influential Muslims. His final work, posthumously published, was Holy Door in the Ground. He passed away in April 2016.